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Land Planning and Community Development Assistance

We Know:

Planning Processes and Jurisdictional Requirements

Planning and Zoning Ordinances and Development Codes

How to Create Master Plans and Comprehensive Community Plans

Land Development and Preparing Subdivision Regulations

How to Create Pedestrian Friendly, Compact Neighborhoods

How to Create Commercial and Industrial District Plans

How to Create Successful CBD’s, Neighborhood Retail and Professional Office Centers

How to Work with Geography, Weather and Native Ecology

Solar and Wind Orientation

Regional History and Character, Demographics and Socioeconomic Issues

Topography and Soils

Green Sites and Brownfields

Drought Tolerant Landscapes that Flourish

How to Plan, Develop and Repair Underground Utilities and Infrastructure

About Transportation Corridors, Highways, Arterials, Collector Roadways and Local Streets

Public Transit, Rail and Air Transportation

Cityscape Elements and Urban Amenities

New Town Concepts

Metes, Bounds and Easements

Site Coverage, Service Access and Parking

How to Prepare Environmental Impact Reports