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We Know:

How to Build Upon Community-Based Economic Development

How to Grow, Expand and Market Local Business Platforms

Macro/Micro Economic Measures for Sustaining Community Goals

How to Obtain Financing and Grants 

How to Maximize Opportunities through Marketing and Feasibility Studies

How to Minimize Financial Resources for Facility Operations

How to Consolidate Facilities, Space and Operations and Maintenance Costs

Planning, Zoning and Building Codes, Ordinances and        Regulations

How to Facilitate all types of Meetings

Specification Packages, Plan Checking and Peer Review Approvals

How to Create Renderings, Drafting Packages, Color Studies and Material        Selections

How to Choose the Best Tenant Space Possible

How to Negotiate with Insurance Adjusters

How to Reduce Demands for Energy and Water

How to Capitalize on Opportunities for Natural Day-Lighting

How to Create Shade to Reduce Air-Conditioning Loads

How to Reduce Heat Island Effects

How to Eliminate VOCs

How to use Solar Energy for Electricity and Hot Water Needs

How to Rainproof and Make Roofs Succeed Longer